Which are the worst diets around? Here are some that are known for not working at all!

I seriously consider that there is no secret to looking and feeling good. If you want to achieve this the right way, then you have to dedicate yourself to creating a routine of healthy eating and working out at least 30 minutes a day. If someone ever tells you that this is a fast and easy process, I can tell you right now they are definitely lying to you.

Achieving long term great results take time and you need to appreciate your body as you are on your path of reaching your goals when it comes to it.

Some people just want to see results right away and that is when they make the wrong decision to go for crazy diets

But, there are some people that just want to see results right away and that is when they make the wrong decision to go for crazy diets. And right now, I will show you some of those crazy diets that DO NOT WORK.

A diet that consist of apple cider vinegar

Who said that keeping yourself from eating certain foods that you actually need is the road to success? It is true, we have heard that apple cider vinegar does help in your path to losing weight but, you might get some side effects on the way. If you happen to have a very sensitive stomach, it will be pissed at you as this will probably make it ill.

So, if you really think about it, you might as well be losing weight by making yourself ill.

People recommend drinking this before every meal. Why not just drink lots of water. That works better than anything else right?

The military diet

When I hear this name I practically know, I will be miserable while doing this diet. I don’t know how people will ever learn this. When it comes to getting lean: Going for a really low calorie diet is not always the healthy choice. As you start working out and getting healthy, your body is going to be consuming a lot more energy so, how can you even consider giving your body less energy when it is actually needing more energy than usual?