What are the top outfits to wear this upcoming fall? These are the top 2

The thing that I love about fashion the most is that you can prepare all your outfits ahead of time. Why is this you may ask? Well, because we always see the upcoming fashion trends in the most famous runways so, we can always have some sort of idea of what is to come in the fashion world.

Now, since we already got this fact out of the way, let’s dedicate this post to speaking about all the trends that are expected to come in fall 2017 in the very dynamic fashion world. This way, you cannot say that your fashion misses are because you did not know what was to become trending in the fashion world.

1.The first thing I noticed about the upcoming fall trends is that there is a touch of spring in the outfits!

Why do I say this? Because I see that there is a lot of vibrancy in colors and prints in the runways that display the upcoming fashion trends for the fall.

I happen to be a fan of this as I normally consider the fall to be pretty dull and the same colors are always used. Colors like brown, grey and black. So, why not bring a touch of life to those dull colors right?

Strong colors like red are going to make their way this fall. Who would have even thought of fall to wear these strong colors? I know I would not have until now!

2.Now, this fall is going to be your chance to take those vintage fur coats out!

I love how vintage fashion is always coming back to the fashion world from time to time. If you happen to love those huge fur vintage coats. This is your chance to rock them.

But remember, there is no need for you to harm any animals as you can wear fake fur and still be just as fashionable as you wanted to be this fall without the need of having to hurt any animals in the process.