Top Korean Beauty Products You Won’t Believe are Amazing

It’s no secret my love towards anything related to Korea. One of the things that I love the most about Korea isn’t only their food and culture but their beauty products. The reason why I love their beauty products so much is because they truly make the most effective products ever. The competition in the beauty industry is incredibly high and a lot of the Korean beauty products are actually very affordable too. Long story short, I have made a list of the best Korean products you should try now!


Botanic Farm – Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet

Any beauty expert will tell you that the first key to having beautiful, flawless skin is cleansing your skin properly! Completely removing your makeup from the day is an important skincare step that will help keep your skin looking beautiful even without makeup.

Botanic Farm’s Grain Ferment Sherbet may sound like something you would eat, but it is specially formulated to thoroughly remove face makeup without irritating the skin. It contains only premium natural ingredients that help to effectively melt down and remove makeup while providing balanced hydration to keep your skin healthy and smooth (source:


Besolbo – Royal Salmon Egg Return Cream / Sleeping Renewal Pack

This amazing beauty product has definitely helped my skin a lot. This was perfect for getting rid of the annoying acne I had on my skin as well as restoring moisture on the dry areas of my skin.

If you have sensitive skin and you aren’t sure if you should use this product, then I must say that you shouldn’t worry about it as this cream is great for sensitive skin.


Leaders – Coconut Gel Mask with Tomato

Coconut and tomato alone are very beneficial for the skin but I never imagined someone combining the two to make a powerful facial mask. This wonderful mask reduces the skins redness, promotes skin elasticity, minimizes pores, and revives the skin’s natural healthy glow.


Peripera – Tint Jelly 005 Apple Stick and 006 Sky Stick

Don’t let the color of these tint sticks fool you, once they are applied on your lips they change colors to match with your baby soft lips.


Etude House – Cherry Lip Gel Patch

I have severely dried-out lips. I’ve tried a bunch of chap sticks and anything that claimed to help improve my lips lack of moisture and nothing actually worked for me. one day I decided to purchase the etude house cherry lip gel patch not really expecting it to work but wow, the softness and moisture on my lips lasted for a really long time even after a few days of using this product.

I highly recommend it to anyone with dry and cracked lips like mine! It’s also very affordable too!

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