Top Best Medicinal Plants You Should Grow


Both looks beautiful and has medicinal purposes. Use chamomile to help relieve indigestion as well as help with anxiety and tension. You can also use chamomile topically to help with skin irritation and inflammation.



Is another plant that works both in the kitchen and as a medicine. It’s full of nutrients as well as properties that help with an upset stomach and bad breath.



Is one of my favorite herbs, both because of its culinary uses as well as it’s medicinal ones. Plus I think it tastes and smells great. Use rosemary to improve your mood, and your breath


Aloe Vera

One of the more popular medicinal plants is probably aloe vera. Once it’s grown, you can use the gel from aloe vera to soothe skin irritation (like sun burns) or as a shampoo additive to fight dandruff.



Grow some mint at home for tons of purposes, including medicinal ones! Add mint to your drinks can help with an upset stomach as well as soothe headaches and anxiety.



Oregano is full of so many great things for your body, that you just have to grow it in your home. Use oregano to help a plethora of problems including muscle pain, sore throat, bloating, and headaches.


Thyme is really helpful because of its antiseptic properties. Thyme is great for dealing with stomach issues, congestion, or coughing.



Try growing basil at home. Not only is it a tasty additive to food, but it can also be used to help treat an upset stomach or lack of appetite. Overall, it’s a very versatile plant and very helpful to grow at home.



I love lavender, so of course I have to mention that as a medicinal plant you can grow at home. Just smelling lavender is proven to help with anxiety and stress, but you can also use it to help ease pain.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has so many medicinal purpose that you just have to grow it at home if you’re serious about homegrown medicinal plants. It helps with bug bites, indigestion, insomnia, and so much more.

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