Top 10 Proven Tips You Won’t Believe For a Happier Family


It’s ok, don’t be sad if your family is unhappy we’ve all been there. At some point your family has gone through some hardships that decrease their happiness but it isn’t something to worry about because there is always a solution to everything. I have experienced hardships that made me and my family unhappy and it can be quite frustrating at times. However, I noticed that by following certain tips it will definitely help out any family that is unhappy.


1) Learn to communicate more

In any family it is important to communicate with each other what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling. This enables better understanding of each other and promotes a healthier relationship. Expressing to my family what I thought or felt was something that made me feel very uncomfortable. However, once I told them everything they were very understanding and were willing to help me out with anything which made me feel very happy, especially after noticing it improved our relationship.


2) Don’t be a workaholic

Spending some quality time with your family is important. If you spend too much time at work you will start to grow apart from your family which brings as a consequence more arguments, and lack of communication. If you have kids and you spend too much time at work it can most likely make your kids resent you. I remember my father constantly working so much he barely shared some time with me; it made me feel very sad and angry at him. That said; share as much time with your family.


3) Encourage sibling harmony

Ever heard of sibling rivalry? Let’s just say I have quite a lot of experience in that field. My sister and I were constantly bickering over trivial things which not only caused stress to my sister and me but it also caused stress to my parents. My sister and I realized that it is better to live in harmony where bickering was the last thing on our minds. This is why I encourage any soon-to-be parents and parents who have kids to teach their children to always respect their sibling and to live peacefully with each other.


4) Comfort your family

Sometimes when things get tough for the family it is important to be there for each other. Always be supportive and let your family know that no matter what happens you will always be there for each other.


5) Get out of your routine

Sometimes spontaneous trips are a great way for keeping away any stress. Go for a picnic with your family; go to Disneyland, go hiking do whatever you and your family always wanted to do so you can get out of your routine. Busier families tend to need these kinds of spontaneous trips but even the laziest families need a reminder or two about what its like to get out of the routine and trying out new stuff.


6) Have dinner together

At least 3-4 times a week have a family dinner. This creates a bigger bond with each other which helps to communicate a lot better. While eating it is great to ask your children how their day was at school, if they need help with their homework, etc. And also talk with your partner as well.


7) Share activities with you family

Playing fun games with your family will have a positive feedback. I remember playing twister with my family at least once or twice a week it was definitely a fun and exciting experience to play games with them. To make it even more fun, play different games each week and make some snacks for everyone to enjoy. It is also great to invite friends over while playing games with your family.


8) Don’t argue with your partner in front of your kids

This is a common and terrible mistake many parents commit. You should never fight in front of your kids as this will cause a lot of stress and it will make them think their precious and beloved parents will divorce. If you accidentally do fight in front of your kids, you should apologize to them and say that you and your partner had a little misunderstanding.


9) Get into a religion

This isn’t something you’re obligated to do. However, families who are involved in any kind of religion tend to be happier. When your family is able to find spiritual peace and reflect on their gratitude and blessings it maintains a healthy relationship.


10) Don’t forget about your partner

When parents have kids they tend to prioritize their kids more than anything else including their partner. It is best to always maintain a balance between your partner and kids. Whenever possible, share some time with your partner and no one else. This helps to rekindle the romance between each other and improve the relationship.

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