Why You Should Stop Eating Sugar Before It’s Too Late

Everyone loves sugar. But that doesn’t mean everyone should eat it. Ever since we were kids we’ve fallen in love with sugar. We would even get rewarded with sugary foods whenever we did something good. Thanks to the long exposure towards sugar, it could get to the point where we’ve become dependent of it. That’s when it becomes a problem.


Sugar Is Ruining Your Skin

A study by researchers at Unilever found a connection between low blood sugar levels and healthy, youthful skin. So if you’re interested in avoiding wrinkles, sagging skin, and breakouts, then turn your attention to cutting out sugar from your diet. What you put in your body now will affect it either right away or in the future.


Sugar Destroys Your Motivation

Dopamine, the motivation neurochemical in your brain, gets a radically high hit every time you eat sugar. This causes your brain to down-regulate dopamine production making it less likely you’ll feel joy or pleasure from eating healthy foods.


There Is A Strong Link Between Childhood Obesity And Sugar

As the consumption of sugary drinks and treats for kids rises, so do the levels of childhood obesity. It’s best to either completely cut sugar from your kids diet or significantly lower their sugar intake.


Sugar Feeds Cancer Cells

Sugar molecules are present in a large number of cancer cells. A 2013 study at the University of Copenhagen showed that sugar aids the growth of malignant cells.


Sugar Is Not A Worthy Reward

Hopefully, I have been able to convince you that sugar is the major culprit that is causing the decline in health of our world. The sad thing is that people are often told to reward themselves with a treat. You’re not a dog. You don’t need to be rewarded with food. Bottom line is: Sugar is not a worthy reward for a gym session, a new achievement at work, or really anything.

It’s already been about six months since I’ve eaten sugar and I feel so great and I’ve managed to lose weight thanks to that!

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