These are room decoration ideas you can do all by yourself if you want your room to have that fresh look once in a while

I don’t know about you but, once in a while I am just over my room looking the same and I just need to change it so I can spice things up in my room! Whether I decide to change my bed sheets, the room décor or the room lighting, there are many things to work with if I want to change the feel in my room! But, we all know that redecorating may imply spending money and since not all of us are willing to do so, I want to show you some simple DIY ideas you can take into consideration when you just HAVE to change your room decoration!

Did you ever think of making a table out of a chalkboard? Well, now you will!


I really love this idea, especially because people are using chalkboards for all sorts of stuffs from weddings to baby showers! So, why not make a table out of a chalkboard as well? You can write little cute reminders on it so, you can read them as you are eating your breakfast in the morning or, you can use this chalkboard to write inspirational phrases so you can read them and constantly be reminded of how awesome you are!

Now, a cheese grater was not only meant for cheese, there are so many uses for it!


One of them is that first of all you can paint it in whatever way you want if you want to give it that vintage look and the second, is that you can use your cheese grater as an earring holder! I sure bet that idea didn’t even cross your mind right?

Do you want to get rid you’re your current pillowcases to get a new one? Don’t do it just yet!


I know, you want to get your room decoration done as fast as you can but, you can use your old bed sheets and pillow covers to make a laundry bag! So, don’t just throw your bed covers away just yet! There are many ideas for them before you do so!

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