Being a slave from your own distractions mixed with your bad habits prevent you from living a good life and achieving all your life goals.

This is how you know you’re a procrastinator…

If you feel identified with this article then you should try to delete all these bad habits so you can complete all your daily tasks.

1) You feel overwhelmed:

Whenever you feel like you’re consumed by the number of activities you have to do, you tend to simply desert on all of them.

This is more frequent when the tasks get too complicated. So the next thing you tell yourself is that you don’t really have time to work on that.

2) You’ve been through a rough time

Most of the time, people that have been going through a bad time tend to postpone their activities claiming that they need to feel better first.

But this kind of behaivor turns into a habit. Which is not good.

You keep telling yourself there’s a tomorrow and tomorrow will always be a good day to feel better and finish your tasks.

That attitude has to change!

3) You hate having tasks

Everybody’s got to do tasks they hate every now and then.

It could go from billing to making collection calls, calculation a budget, etc.

Whatever the task may be, the easier path to take about it is to postpone it.

The problem gets worse when you are ashamed of your dilation. This only makes the task more difficult to face and the postponement to become a negative spiral.

4) You need a greater sense of “urgency”

If you feel like you need a deadline to actually feel the tasks you need to do is urgent, then you might be a procrastinator.

Some poeple say they work better when they’re under extreme pressure. Which it’s ok.

But there are some poeple that actually put themselves in that kind of situations continuing the cycle of postponement.



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