How lifestyle associate with the health

As everyone knows lifestyle is all about day to day activity such as work, food, sports and exercise. Always keep in mind, lifestyle is associated with the health and you must eat health food so that you might easily get rid of from diseases. There are more numbers of the activities is surely affecting your health such as body mass index, unwillingness to do exercise, over time sleeping, physical inactivity and taking medicines. A proper sleep is always leading to healthier and happier life. In case you are not getting proper sleep then you might suffer from the disease like under eye circles, depression and weight gain. If you frequently use the mobile and computer then surely it may affect your sleep pattern and it might lead to the disturbed sleep and insomnia.
One of the studies says that more amounts of junk food, poor diet and carbonated drinks are the most common problem for obesity. If you properly do exercise then it can prevent you from the diabetes, heart problems and insomnia. But most of the people are not properly doing exercise because of their busy schedule so people skip the workout routines. In case you have drinking or smoking habits then surely you might suffer from health issues. In a present world most of the people are having a dream to lead a happy life but they are not following proper diet options, exercise and proper sleep. In case you are following all regular healthy activates then you can get huge numbers of the benefits such as minimized illness and injuries, reduce your healthcare cost and minimized doctor visit. In fact managing the weight is one of the best ways to obtain the health lifestyle. If you reduce the weight then you can easily get rid of from the health disease and other kinds of the obesity related illness.