Are you a guy? Here are the best brands for you to wear anytime, anywhere!

I know that sometimes in the fashion, beauty and healthcare industry, men products tend to be overshadowed by all the girl products there are available out there right? I bet you thought that the only “fragrance” that was available out there for men was AXE right? Well, guess again as there is a wide variety of perfumes available out there for our men to drive women crazy just by standing there! Here are some of the fragrances that I consider to be the best for men based on my personal experience!

Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Ask yourself this question. Has Giorgio Armani ever gotten anything wrong? Doubt it. So, you can definitely trust him with your perfume selection to make sure that not only you are feeling yourself with this sexy and manly fragrance but also, everyone else around you as well. Which is basically the main goal when you are getting a perfume right?

Polo has been going strong at it with this awesome fragrance!

I think this is a definite go to fragrance as well if you want to have success around girls and just basically everyone else around you. I am specifically talking about the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue. This fragrance has a mixture of outdoor scents with the fancy things that go in between. But not to worry, this fragrance is light enough to be used during the day time so, don’t worry about driving people away with a strong fragrance.

Platinum  Egoiste by Chanel

If you ever think that you are not making the right choice by picking a Chanel fragrance then, let me tell you something my friend; you are certainly out of your mind as Chanel is known for being awesome in fragrances so, why not trust one of the best there is in the perfume field right? I consider making fragrances an art and Chanel is definitely a pro at the art of making excellent perfumes that not only bring out your sexiness out but also, will keep you smelling fresh and manly all day long!

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