The Fastest Growing Shade Trees That Are Truly Beautiful

Having shade is always nice, especially during the hotter times of the year. However, having the patience to plant a tree and wait for it to grow or having the money to get a full-grown tree planted may not be the best solutions. Here the fastest growing shade trees that you can try!


Hybrid Poplar

This tree is class and gorgeous, a fit for any yard. It grows up to eight feet a year and comes in many types. Choose the type that works best for your home and yard and get to planting!


Red Maple

The red maple turns a gorgeous color in the fall, making it an even better choice to plant in your yard. It can grow anywhere from three to five feet a year, depending on the climate and care.


American Sycamore

While most trees grow best in open and rural areas, the American sycamore grows well in urban areas. It can grow up to six feet a year and can reach 70 feet or taller in its lifetime.


Weeping Willow

This is probably the most iconic shade tree that exists. It can grow three to eight feet per year and usually grows best by water. However, hybrids can grow better in other places as well, so no need to worry.


Tulip Tree

The tulip tree comes in many great colors, all of which look great. This tree does best in full soil and in soil that is deep and moist. Take care of it so it can grow fast and strong!


Dawn Redwood

This tree reaches so tall that itโ€™s often used to provide shade to second story windows. Besides its height and speedy growth, dawn redwoods are also famous for their great color.


Northern Catalpa

This tree is known not only for being a wonderful shade tree but also its beautiful and large flowers. While in bloom, they add both sight and scent to your home. However, they do attract bees so plan accordingly.

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