What should I be doing if I ever see someone unresponsive lying on the floor?

This is a kind of emergency we can all be face with at one point in life. I really consider that the CPR maneuver is something everyone should know as you never know when you may be faced witch an emergency in which you will need to resort to this technique. Now, you don’t need to be a doctor to be familiar with the technique involved in CPR, you just need to make your research and hope you never have to put this to practice. But, if you are ever in an accident where someone is choking, then you will know how to do it but, before performing CPR, here are the steps you should be taking beforehand.

The first thing you should do before performing CPR is, analyze the scene!


Look around to have a better understanding and what brought the person being currently faced with an emergency there in the first place. If your surroundings are involving things that may also put you at risk, you need to make sure you are removing the person in the emergency as well as yourself from the area of risks.


Now, see if you are getting an answer from the person being faced with the emergency

You need to see if the current victim is being responsive and you can go from there. If you talk to him or her and get no replies from the victim, try shaking it or tapping him or her on the shoulder to check for a response from the patient. If this is not achieved, then you can make the conclusion that the patient is not being responsive.


Now, if your victim is not responding, this is what you should be doing

Now, you are obviously going to try to help the victim by performing CPR but also, another way to help is by calling 911 so that they can assist the patient in a more professional way than you may be able to do so. Now, when you call 911, you will probably be instructed on what to do to help the patient based on what you tell the dispatcher what is happening so, don’t try to be a hero and follow their instructions.

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