Which are the best countries to visit in 2017

I consider traveling to be such a fun activity. I know, for some this may be a luxury but I consider that people should save up money, make a sacrifice and travel at least once in their lifetime as they will definitely not regret making this decision. Now, there are so many places to travel to, so many cultures to visit, that you just end up asking yourself which is the best country to visit and get the most out of right? Well, in this article I want to show you a list of countries that are definitely on top when it comes to being the best places to visit this year. So, you better get your us travel visa ready!

You might think I am crazy for saying this but, Canada is one of these countries


If you are more of an outdoor type of person then, Canada is definitely the best travel choice for you my friend. There are so many beautiful sights and nature in Canada; you might think you are being part of a live postcard. There are places like Alberta where you can go out camping, or so many states in Canada you can go snowboarding to. The options are just endless! On top of this, the Canadian people are extremely welcoming and nice to every outsider so, you might feel so much at home that you might want to stay living in Canada.


Ok so, if you happen to be more of a beach goer, then this is the perfect choice for you. Bermuda has so many beautiful places and beaches to visit that you will just not be able to pick the best one for you as they are all beautiful! Another cool thing about Bermuda is that the wind is just perfect if you just want to practice a sport like sailing.



I mean, is there really anything wrong with Colombia? I don’t think so! Colombia has a bit of everything, some areas are perfect for beach goers, others are excellent for people that tend to like a bit of cold weather more but, every time you will get this anywhere in Colombia: warm people expecting to receive with lots of love and niceness in their country.

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