The Best Bible Apps For Youngsters You Should Know

The Word Search

This fun Bible game app is based on stories and themes from the Bible. With four fun levels of difficulty and 32 puzzles, this word search game is great to challenge through age 7 and entertain through adult. Your kids will have so much fun with this app!


The Beginner’s Bible App

The Beginner’s Bible App is perfect for children ages 2-6 years old. This entertaining app includes lots of coloring pages, puzzles, and games. This app is only free for one story pack. If you want more story pack, you’ll need to pay a bit. However, it’s worth every penny! This app is an iPhone and iPad exclusive so hurry and download it now!


The NIV Adventure Bible

The lite version of this app is designed for Bible memory; you can do verse scrambles, choosing easy, medium or hard levels. Did I mention that you can even record your own voice reading your favorite Bible verse? Yes, that’s right, you’re able to do that! If you want the complete version of the app to enjoy all its features, all you have to do is pay a total of $1.99. I highly recommend this app for your children.


David and Goliath

You can either read the storybook or have it read itself! The app is high quality which explains why it costs $3,99. With this app, you can entertain your kids without worrying about them. They’ll have so much fun with it! This app is available for iPhone and iPad.


Hopefully this article has helped you with finding the best bible apps for you children! It’s very important that they educate themselves in a fun way to keep them interested and wanting to learn more and more about the Bible. You can even join along so they can have a lot more fun!

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