We all have asked ourselves this question. Why isn’t my makeup lasting all day?

We all have wondered from time to time why our face only looks flawless with the makeup we spent so much time doing for a few hours during the day, right. Well, makeup does not just magically disappear from our face. There are things you are probably doing that are also cooperating with this. In this article, I want to show you all the things you are doing that actually are working against you instead of in favor of you when it comes to your makeup so that once you pinpoint if you are doing any of these things, you can stop doing them now to keep your makeup looking as flawless as ever!

Keep your fingers off your face


This one is pretty obvious and yet, we keep repeating that mistake. You need to avoid touching your face at all costs if you want to keep your face looking as flawless as it can be. I know your face may itch throughout the day but try to avoid touching your face on a constant basis, only do it if it’s absolutely necessary or else, all that time you took doing your makeup was actually wasted.

You are using makeup foundations that are actually not being that beneficial for you!

I know finding the right foundation is so hard for so many girls but believe me, it is worth the effort. So, don’t just take your time finding the best lip liner there is but also, take your time in finding the foundation that actually works the best for your type of skin as this will also help you in making your makeup last longer on your face.

There is such a thing as TOO MUCH makeup

Just because you apply a ton of makeup it does not mean this will make your makeup last longer throughout the day. What you need to do is find the makeup products that works best for your type of skin and this will surely make your makeup last a whole lot longer than it would if you just choose to go down the road of applying heavy makeup.

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