8 life-changing ways to use a spiralizer


How to spiralize it: Oh, zucchini! The classic vegetable for the spiralizing peeps worldwide. I like to use the small or medium blade for zucchini, and I find it easiest to cut the zucchini in half first. Cooked or raw both work – these little guys are yummy and versatile!



How to spiralize it: Bell peppers are definitely a little tricky – more like Spiralizer 201 – but if you cut off the top and place the open end on the edge of the flat blade, you should be able to attach the bottom side to the handle and spiral, spiral, spiral! Bottom line: if I can do it, you can definitely do it.



How to spiralize it: Apples are a little bit weird because of the core, right? So we cut off the top, cut off the bottom, and stick the middle part (the core, which we don’t want) right on the core anchor of the spiralizer.



How to spiralize it: Sweet potatoes make are a fantastic veg to use with the spiralizer!



How to spiralize it: The only issue with cucumbers is the water – ALL THAT WATER. Spiralize it normally and then just let it sit for a while to drain out the water and you’ll be in fresh salad heaven. Eat these ones raw!



How to spiralize it: Cabbage is so easy to spiralize! Just use the flat blade (since the cabbage already in layers for you by nature) and voila. Two seconds later, a nice big pile-o-shredded (spiralized) cabbage.



How to spiralize it: Onions are super easy to spiralize – who knew?! Just use a flat blade since the onions are already layered by nature, and two seconds later, you’ll have a pile of thinly sliced rings that are perfect for a whole variety of uses.



How to spiralize it: If this isn’t the prettiest thing ever… wow. I just love it. Just like the regular zucchini, this guy plays nice with the spiralizer! Super easy to make into thick or thin noodles.

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