6 Insane Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

Did you ever decide to start pumping some blood and start exercising but never seeing results? It’s happened to a lot of people (even to me). It’s most likely that you’re doing something wrong. Even by not doing one thing properly can affect your results. I know how frustrating it is to work-out for many months and not seeing results. I felt even worst and gave up because I spent ridiculous amounts of money on gym and equipment. After researching, it’s all clear to me now as to why I didn’t see results.

In this article ill help you with any possible reason as to why you’re not losing weight. In a short amount of time you’ll start noticing a huge difference and you’ll also be very pleased with your results. Now, shall we start?

1) You’re Probably Not Eating Enough

This is something that not a lot of people know (I’m guilty). When you don’t eat the necessary amount that your body needs require, it alters your digestive system. This also brings as a consequence to possibly end up starve yourself. Additionally, this won’t allow your body to obtain the proper amount of nutrients it needs.

2) Not Drinking Enough Water

Drinking water on a daily basis will help you lose weight. Keeping yourself well-hydrated can make your brain believe you’re full. That said, you will start to consume smaller portions, and therefore reducing the calories you consume. It’s been scientifically proven that staying hydrated avoids craving sugary drinks and snacks.

3) You Drink Sugary Beverages

Sugary drinks provide zero nutritional benefits. Cutting off any sugary drinks was difficult for me because of my love towards them. However, if I really wanted to see results I had to let them go.


Don’t ever get fooled by those “diet” sodas or drinks, they are worse than you think. Diet sodas are simply packed with SO much sugar which will impact in a negative way your weight and overall health.

4) You skip suppers.

This is far worse than not eating enough. When your body doesn’t receive enough food it won’t work properly. It is important to never skip any meals, especially breakfast. During my summer vacations I would always wake up late. I always wake up during lunch which made me not eat breakfast and by dinner I was insanely hungry. That said, I realized in a short amount of time that I gained weight and it was not healthy at all. I also noticed I was a lot more tired.


5) You Don’t Leave Room for Fun

Stress also a reason why weight gain occurs. The reason why stress causes weight gain is because it makes the body to crave for more food. This is why you must give yourself some time to relax. Honestly I was very stressed while I was exercising since I never saw improvement and I kept getting frustrated as well. Once I had some “me” time I was more calmed and patient. That said, I seriously recommend that you do something like cooking, painting, basically ANYTHING will help you release any stress.


6) Sitting all day

When you sit at your comfy couch all day you’re making things worse for yourself. Scientific research has shown that sitting for a couple of hours causes your body to stop making a fat-inhibiting enzyme. So stop being lazy, get your butt off the couch and get out and be more active.

Trust me, with these tips you’ll notice a HUGE improvement on your body. Remember to be consistent with all these tips and remember to also have patience.

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