4 things to get rid of kitchen grease

We all love cooking right? Well, actually, let me correct myself, we all love eating good food and a few of us are actually good at making it as well.

If you happen to be one of those people that love cooking and eating as well, you just KNOW that some of the foods you cook are really annoying to clean after making them.

Some foods are so greasy, you need to call reinforcements to make sure your kitchen stays as clean as it was when you first started to clean it right?

Well, since I know getting rid of all that kitchen grease can actually be truly hard, I want to show you some tips so that you can try them out and see if they work for you as well!

Did flour ever come to your mind when you were cleaning grease off your kitchen? Well, not it will!

I know, how can you even think of flour when thinking about getting rid of a messy kitchen?

Turns out flour can actually absorb the grease off the surface you are trying to clean and you know what that means? You are actually cleaning a mess using an ingredient that is kind of messy as well!

All I know is that whether or not flour makes the mess you already had in your kitchen a little bit worse, it definitely delivers when absorbing the grease and making it easier to remove from surfaces.

So, you should definitely try this out as it will not disappoint.

Another one that works in a similar way to flour is: baking soda

Basically you achieve the same thing which is removing hard and stubborn grease from all your kitchen surfaces the same way you did with flour but now, you achieve this with baking soda.

And in case you did not know this about baking soda already, there are so many other stubborn stains and things you can clean with baking soda. So, make sure you always keep one at hand in your kitchen as it will definitely come in handy.