Have you ever thought about a way of being a bit more productive than you already are?

Well, we have, and we’ve prepared a little list to help you out. Here’s how to can improve your productivity in work:

Tools for focusing:

There are agendas for the first, second, third and fourth generation. Each of them with advantages and disadvantages, but the most important thing is that you know that you must have these tools, whether it is a paper agenda, an Excel, post its, it doesn’t matter what it is.

You must define what is the tool you need to manage your productivity.

It is not possible to manage your productivity, without a tool that allows you to have control of what you do with your day. Without a tool there is no productivity.

The approach of the person:

There are different profiles of people and points of view about how to manage time, it is necessary then to understand that, if your profile is calmer or more aggressive, there are ways and tools that work better than others.

It’s imperative that you know which tool you’re going to use, as well as you should know if that tool fits with your profile, if you could work well with it taking into account your way of thinking and behaving.

When you are looking to be more productive, it is necessary that you do not rely only on the tool, but on your profile, your personality, your way of seeing the world and doing things.

Define your profile and define what your tool is.

The nature of the activity approach:

If we do not know if the task you have to is urgent, important, not urgent or not important, you could waste the whole morning, an entire afternoon, a whole day due to the fact tha you don’t know if that activity is being congruent with the other projects you have to work on.

You need to know whether is urgent or not so you can pressure yourself in finishing it and make the most out of your time to deliver a good job. 

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