It took me a long time to learn to decide when something would suit me immediately, and when something would suit me in the distant future. Save, for example; there are times when you want to buy something now, you think you need it or you feel like it, how can you decide which is better?

Save the money (because you may need it someday), or if it is worth the expense now for what you are going to buy.

That may even be an easier decision than others, such as choosing a career, just thinking about what you like now (which you may not like later, it happens) or just thinking about what it may be useful in the future.

Putting the present and the future in the balance will never be easy, especially when you involve things that have to do with your heart (love).

For this, I propose you consider some things; when you get to a moment of uncertainty about whether you should do something right now or if you should better decide to bet on the future, there are three very simple tips:

1 Keep in mind that you are not going to die today and the world is not going to end tomorrow

That is always useful because whatever your decision is, anxiety is not a good counselor.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and see the big picture. Remember, you are not the first person facing such a predicament and will not be the last.

Think outside the box, see things from different perspectives, because it is a fact that people always tend to believe their first thought is the final solution, which in most cases it is wrong.

If you don´t see a solution today, sleep on it, maybe tomorrow you will.

2 There are moments and opportunities that never repeat themselves

If you find yourself before one of them, you should consider it seriously.

You need to be certain of what you expect in life, what do you want and what you don´t.

Most people refuse to think about their future on the false belief that their fathers or their wives are always going to be there to tell them what to do, but successful people don´t leave their life to chance, they plan almost every aspect of their lives.

3 Normally you cannot choose two things at the same time

You may think this is unfair, but it is a hard truth. Unless you are wealthy you won´t have the chance to choose between option, no matter how good or bad these are.

Therefore, keep your mind clear at all times, be certain of your aspirations and when the time comes choose with your heart and mind.

You have to learn to trust your guts because it is always right.

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