If you are a rookie with cannabis, you could only be familiar with one – maybe two – ways of consuming cannabis.

It’s time to expand your horizons!

Actually, there are four main ways to introduce cannabis into your system, and knowing what they are is not just useful trivia.

Depending on your health, life circumstances or personal preferences, one of these methods could work much better than others. You could find out more about them at a smoke shop.

1. Smoking

The best known method of cannabis use!

You can smoke marijuana using a joint, a pipe, a bong or, if you’re really creative, an empty beer can or even an apple!

ADVANTAGES: The effects are almost instantaneous. It is easier to control the dose.

DISADVANTAGES: You are inhaling smoke in your lungs. Also, if you are using cannabis to treat chronic pain, you should take a dose approximately every 1-3 hours to continue receiving relief.

2. Steaming

Vaporizing is not just for Martians with lightning guns. It is also a great way to inhale cannabis without all the smoke.

A cannabis vaporizer is a device that heats the flower or cannabis oil at a temperature below the point of combustion, which causes the cannabinoids to be released in the form of vapor.

You inhale this vapor as if you smoked it.

You can invest in a desktop vaporizer for home use, or you can get a portable vaporizer pen.

ADVANTAGES: The same advantages as smoking, but without penetrating smoke in your lungs.

DISADVANTAGES: As a smoker, you may need doses every 1-3 hours to treat chronic pain.

Also, sometimes the oil in the disposable cartridges of the vaporizer pen may thicken and clog your pen.

But a pencil battery that allows you to heat the oil inside for a few seconds can help solve this proble.

3. Edible

Who does not like cookies, brownies and sweets?

Now infuse those same goodies with cannabis and you will have a safe way to ingest the Green Queen without affecting your lungs.

You can make your own meals infused with cannabis, or you can buy edible products ready to eat.

ADVANTAGES: They are delicious. Sensation of getting more intense, deeply felt. It can last up to 6 hours.

DISADVANTAGES: Usually, it takes between 30 minutes and two hours to activate, depending on your metabolism.

It could also take some practice to measure and divide each dose, depending on how the product is made.

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