Top 9 Best Mascaras Your Eyelashes Will Love

Something that I will never stop wearing no matter where I’m going is mascara. Using mascara truly makes the eyes and make-up pop. And if you’re blessed with long or thick eyelashes, mascara will make them look even better. Lucky for us girls there’s a giant market dedicated to mascaras. However, not every mascara can […]

Top 5 Sinful Ways To Enjoy Your French Toast

Who doesn’t love to wake up to the fresh smell of French toast every morning? I LOVE french toast. french toast is definitely my ultimate favorite food to eat. Especially thanks to one of my closest friends, thanks to her I got to discover a whole new world for eating french toast. Never in my […]

The Best Hobbies You Need To Try

If you aren’t able to decide on which hobby you should try, don’t stress about it. The endless list of hobbies probably overwhelmed you but I’ve made the simplest list where the best hobbies are only mentioned. Also, all of these hobbies are great to do with your friends and family.   Upcycle everything you […]

Amazing And Delicious Snacks to Eat After You exercise

Exercising and eating healthy is very important. However, what you eat before and after exercising is also very important. These snacks also help improve your health and enable you to see results a lot quicker. I love exercising but I never tried eating snacks after exercising because I thought it wouldn’t be healthy. But after […]

10 Practical Tips to Make Kids Eat Veggies

For parents it can be difficult to make their children eat vegetables. However, it is still possible to make your children eat vegetables and they will eventually even start liking them. I’ll give you 10 tips that have been proven to work so your kids will eat their veggies. You will definitely see an improvement […]