2015: a year for gamers to get ready for the best gaming experience.

2015 has been the best year for the gaming industry by bringing its consumers the best games for playing them in various platforms. Each game that is mentioned derives from various platforms allowing our readers to choose from their preferred category to enable the best gaming experience.


Starting first off with the highly anticipated and popular game from 2015:


  • Batman: Arkham Night was globally released on June 23 2015, it is an action-adventure video game and it is based on the DC Comics superhero batman. This game has garnered positive criticism due to its magnificent visuals, combat, gameplay, world designs. Most of the criticism was inclined towards the introduction of a playable batmobile which was a first in the batman series.


This game is available for playing on platforms such as: PlayStation 4, Linux, OS X, XBOX one, and Microsoft Windows.

Despite the positive criticism this game has obtained, it has also received negative criticism, specifically from consumers who played on Microsoft Windows, the lack of proper performance has forced Warner Bros to temporarily abandon sales until the issue was fixed.


  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was announced on May 15 2015, this game is part of The Witcher series. This game is only available on Microsoft Windows, XBOX one, and PlayStation 4.



The game has received positive feedback and has obtained high rating on GameRankings scoring between 91-93/100 and on MetaCritic it obtained between 91-94/100.



The main protagonist Geralt of Rivia is embarking on a whole new personal quest in which it is developed in many different worlds where the character is at near freedom to roam, although it solely depends on the part of the storyline is being played.


  • Ori and the blind forest: this game was designed by Moon Studios and its official release was on March 11th 2015, this game can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. This game is a genre mix as it is a “metroidvanid” but with a much better platform focus and it is filled with almost painting like worlds that have come to life.


Ori and the blind forest is an action game in which the main character Ori who is also a very young orphan is set off on a heroic mission to save his home from his evil nemesis.

2015 has become the year for new experiences, new characters, all new storylines, never-ending and for new adventures that the players of these entire games can develop as they play.

All the games released during 2015 have all a wide range of prices, some are even free to play however it is best for players to know that some games can be quite expensive which is something that a person, regardless of age, should take in consideration before making a purchase, although depending on the country and the stores that are selling such games, they will possibly give friendly discounts to their buyers so that anyone can enjoy their gaming experience to the maximum.

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