We might just go ahead and refer to bongs as pieces of art!

They are water pipes that marihuana smokers user very frequently to have a better experience and cool the inhaled smoke.

Anyone that has used cannabis for a while might’ve already experimented with the different ways to use this plant.

There are several methods; even in regards to smoking.

One of them and one of the most popular methods of smoking cannabis is through a bong.

There are bongs of all sizes and shapes, you can’t even imagine all the shapes there are!

They can be made of different materials: glass, plastic, wood, mud, bamboo or ceramic.

But, regardless of their appearance and what they are made of… they all work the same.

The bongs are water pipes. Any variation depends on the imagination of the manufacturer.

Where did they come from?

Believe it or not, water pipes have been around for a long time: they are at least as old as the pyramids, or maybe more.

They have traditionally been used throughout Asia, although they have also appeared in Africa.

The Scythians (a nomadic tribe that dominated territories from Asia to Europe) used them to smoke cannabis.

They all seem to be a derivative from hookahs which are fixed water pipes with a tube that connect the nozzle to the pipe.

They have the same intention: to have several people smoke herbs or tobacco flavored in groups.

What are their advantages?

The main reason to use a bong is to filter and cool the smoke.

To cool smoke provides a smooth puff, even when you inhale a lot of it.

There is really no correct way to consume cannabis, not even when smoked. And usually, people who use one method experiments with some others. This way they can define their favorite one.

The bongs have this quality of offering filtration and cooling while maintaining the aroma and flavor experience of marijuana.

A dry pipe creates a harsher smoke for the throat and lungs.

A bubbler, which is basically a small water pipe, is also another popular way to smoke grass, but some users have said that they tend to get stuck.

How many types of bong are there?

There are so many you cannot even imagine!

There are many different types of bongs: some have the traditional appearance of vertical water pipes associated with cannabis, and others look like hookahs.

Plus, the ones made of glass have very interesting aspects. They look elegant!

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