Lately, and especially when we know that technology is advancing at a surprising pace, we must not ignore the benefits that can bring us with respect to society and of course, at a particular level.

If we talk about progress, in this case, in the field of health and medicine, it is dizzying.

I would like to make special mention of a specific topic: egg donations California.

Nowadays, thanks to advances, it is possible.

It is undoubtedly an anonymous, and of course, disinterested, delivery that is made from one woman to another, with the sole purpose and purpose that the recipient woman in this case, may have a child.

Most women are moved by altruistic reasons.

In Spain, more than 600,000 couples have infertility problems, and every year, 16,000 new couples are diagnosed with difficulties in procreating.

The anonymity, confidentiality, gratuity and absence of link between the donor and the recipient, define the fundamental characteristics of the contract when donating ovules, which are also covered by the law.

Therefore, all women are encouraged, who selflessly donate their eggs, because it helps women whose ovaries do not work, either by age or because of some disease that could have and therefore have the inability to have children.

It is also helping those women who, if they had a hereditary genetic disease, and did not want to transmit it to their future children.

Likewise, you would help those whose ovules are not of sufficient quality to deliver.

Why donate Ovules

These are great reasons that, without a doubt, should encourage anyone to perform an altruistic act, fill with illusion and joy those couples or single mothers who want to have children, because there is no more beautiful act than conceiving a baby; be somehow, the donors, procreators indirectly.

For the donor, it is a positive factor, especially at a psychological and spiritual level, of personal fulfillment, of maturity, of helping other people, of feeling, as well commented before, empathy, awareness with the suffering of others.

If you decide to be an egg donor, do not forget that you will receive an economic compensation that ranges between 600 and 1,000 dollars.

It is a personal award in terms of internal satisfaction and personal joy.

On the other hand, the simple fact that a person decides to be part of a donation program, will allow the woman to know what her current state of health is, since to be a potential candidate for this work, it is essential to have a good state of health, and to verify it, explorations and analyzes are made.

It is worth it, because of the personal wealth that the donor takes away, and on the other hand, because of the ability to cheer up those people who have difficulties to have a child.

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