The effect of technology on human relationships

We live in a society convulsed and hasty, with humans increasingly disoriented and empty, overexposed to electronic mass media.

Because of these changes in lifestyle, real friends are been gradually displaced by virtual friends and similarly is happening with virtual relationships.

In these relationships, a leading element is a smartphone, associated with social media. These phones allow people to stay in touch in “real time”, with family, partners, friends and even strangers anywhere in the world.

The smartphone revolution has distorted the term “reality”. Is it real time? Is it a real contact?  Is it real what we experience or perceive through smartphones?

The use of smartphones has had an impact on individuals and the use of social networks, thanks to the increased speed in which it is transmitted the information and the number of people who can be informed. The only thing without a guarantee is the accuracy of the information transmitted.

Is technology good or bad for love?

While it is true that the massive use of smartphones and social networking has fostered relationships or even allowed relationships to distance, it is also true that these devices and their networks have affected many relationships.

These are at least three causes of such affectations:

  1. It has increased the speed to spread “gossip” or unfounded information. Therefore, there are statistically more possibilities to generate misunderstandings and unnecessary discussions among couples.
  2. It is becoming more common during a dinner, lunch, coffee or even during a party, the increase of mobile phones screens attention that “real-time” conversation between the couples.
  3. Each time is more frequent to your boyfriend/girlfriend, instead of recognizing the perfume that you use to please him/her on a date, meeting or social event; recognizes the different tones you have placed to identify your frequent contacts.

If we take a pencil and check the list of these three points on our relationship and get three out three checks… WARNING!

What about health?

We can affect our mental health for two reasons: digital addiction and/or depression and anxiety or rage for relationship issues.

Professionals clinically treat these problems or also we can try to solve them as individuals and as a couple following these three simple recommendations:

  1. We need, urgently, to create spaces that help us to renew ourselves, to return to believe, to find possible alternatives to a quality life.
  2. We must begin to give importance to the small things that we like as well as those that push us away.
  3. We must review as couples the way we assume our commitments, how we treat others, how we relate and how to fulfill the agreements that are particular to every couple.


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