Mold your future with imagination

The challenges of the future are not an easy task. One of the strategies to achieve the future we want is to use PLANNING as a tool for modeling the desired situation.

When it comes to planning, we automatically jump to keywords such as organization and method. However, the concept it is been wrongfully associated with the planning and organization rigidity.

The future is never as we imagine it. There will be some things we won´t be able to control, so often people are obsessed so things are exactly as they want them to be, becoming rigid and intolerant to others and therefore generates frustration.

A good planner should be aware that life gives you SURPRISES, and surprisingly the tool that will help fight or avoid that frustration is the IMAGINATION.


Planning and imagination are not antagonistic actions.


To avoid frustration and be happy we must learn to plan our life with care and intelligence, with a similar attitude to the bamboo that allows you to adapt to unexpected life variables, and here is where the imagination and planning join forces.

If we can imagine which are the variables that may affect our PLAN are and how we could respond to these “surprises”, we will reduce the degree of uncertainty of this dreamed future and get closer to the desired image.

Finally, a keyword to have a successful future is “acting”. Therefore, as life gives you surprises, instead of making dramas because things did not go as planned, follow these four steps to have a successful future: plan, imagine, adapt, and act. Strive to achieve what you have proposed, put at the service of that goal all your skills and abilities and you will achieve a successful future.

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