The heart of human beings always confronts the reality of love or selfishness.

It is the great dilemma of our entire history; Literature has managed to capture it well. Today we see TV series in which we can identify the goodness of certain characters and the badness of others.

It is the battle of each man and each woman to decide in each moment of his life if he leaves a mark or a scar. Some are left in people, others, on the skin itself.

It is impressive how a person’s actions seem to take on a life of their own and unleash a series of consequences that are difficult to predict.

Although many things are not completely good or completely bad, we do know what we have in our hearts and minds when deciding, acting, doing.

We must consider each decision, even small, but it may be important. Ask ourselves “here I want to leave a mark or a scar?” In addition, the response to this should guide us to act, preferably showing love and generosity.

Here I present four keys to learning how to differentiate:

1. Neither possess, nor subdue, nor control, nor limit, have anything to do with loving.

2. To love is to appreciate, thank, motivate, care for and love

3. Loving is staying or letting go if necessary.

4. To love is to wish good unconditionally

If you do a test with the previous keys and you are deviating from the path of “love”, change the gear lever and reverse, because you are going the wrong way, on the path of selfishness.

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