In any given situation, either by your own experience or someone else’s, we’ve felt closed to a young teenager with “issues”, without clear ides or with a lot of problems towards behavior.

It’s nothing new.

Adolescence, just like its name indicates, it’s an stage of life in which implicates a lot of physical changes, just like:

  • the arrival of the sexual development
  • the menstruation on girls
  • hormonal changes
  • height change
  • Voice changes on boys… etc.

But there are also a lot of psychological changes as well.

The brain finds itself in plain expansion and, at the same time, experiments a lot of different new emotions.

Teenage times are the times in which people experiment a process of defining their true identity.

It depends how the person handles all the pressure from the decisions he or she has to take.

It’s the time where people have to take very important decisions on different t manners such as their academic and work activities, their life aspirations, and their sport life, among others.

These decisions will define them and will affect them on their adult hood.

This is the time where they expand their selves socially.

But, unfortunately, this stage can be as productive as destructive for a person’s life.

A stage in which teenagers suffer.

However, this stage can cause a lot of pain for teenagers, especially if they don’t count with the exact amount of attention they need.

They can start to feel suffering, isolation, and misunderstanding, frustration due to different causes prior to adolescence or linked to it, which range from biological factors such as genetic influence or the action of various neurotransmitters in the nervous system

Teenagers face a time with different social-environmental factors such as the drug use and family factors such as the educations style from the parents.

Those factors called “risk factors” for the teenagers behavior, increases the probability of conflictive behavior on this part of their lives.

With conflictive behavior we don’t mean by a simple fight with the parents. We mean a serious, extreme and persistent problem on their behavior which involves violence, society opposition, disobedience to authority and aggressive attitudes with a lot of frequency.

This kind of behavior, if it’s not controlled on time, can lead to even worst things such as drug addiction and delinquency,

In order to restore and help troubled teenagers, they’ve created excellent wilderness therapy programs to help them face their issues keeping in touch with the outside world and nature.

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