Marijuana: is it beneficial?

Cannabis, or as most people call it, marijuana, has a very bad stigma and must people think is a very bad drug that’s damaging today’s young people.

What most people don’t know is that it’s actually very beneficial!

Most people associate marijuana to bad things like drug dealers and potheads, which is not entirely truth. Marijuana has saved a lot of people from pain and suffering!

Here’s a short list of beneficial things you may not know about this substance:

1) It hasn’t killed anybody!

Not a single person in the world has been known to die because of the use of this yet-illegal drug.

Tons of people die on a daily basis due to alcohol and cigarettes use but none has died from marijuana. In fact, it’s actually saving people’s lives!

Many medicines are based on marijuana or cannabis and they have been used for thousands of years now! Meaning it’s actual a healthy thing to consume!

2) Makes you feel relaxed!

There are some mixed feelings about this one.

There are a lot of people affirming that they’ve never felt more relaxed on their entire lives than the time they’ve tried marijuana but there are also a few that claims to have had very bad experiences under the influence of it.

Despite all the negative comments, it is scientifically proven that marijuana has relaxing properties that makes people feel relaxed physically and emotionally helping them to beat stress and anxiety as a secondary effect!

3) Sex is way better with it!

If you ever have issues enjoying your sex life, marijuana has the solution for you.

It’s known that marijuana helps people with difficulties enjoying their sexual lives; cannabis has this effect in which the individual lives the sexual encounters in a more intensified and satisfying way during the influence of this happy and inoffensive drug.

In conclusion…

It’s more than obvious now that cannabis has a lot of beneficial things and it’s our duty to let people know about this. To let them know that making it illegal is only going to make the stigma to grow faster as well as the bad people dealing with it.

Cannabis is more than a medical drug; it’s some sort of happy and relaxed lifestyle! Legalizing it will make people understand their perks and the right way to use it so it can bring positive things on society!

So many things can be done with this substance. Even inspired designs of marijuana dog collars had been made from it!

So all we can say is that, stop looking at cannabis as a bad thing! It’s actually not!


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