When you are a parent or you are taking your baby brother to the pediatrician´s practice to a routine check, it is common to listen among the moms’ conversations, a constant argument on the benefits of breastfeeding.

As weird as it may seem, some mothers need to be convinced on these benefits not only to their children but to them as well. That said, here´s our list of why breastfeeding is a winner against formula milk to raise children.

1 The Natural Benefit

Brest milk it is nature engineered to feed human babies. It is a proven fact that babies while been breastfed don´t need anything else to live.

Breast milk contains the right amount of water (88%), nutrients and vitamins a baby needs. It likeliness to plasma allow babies to maintain perfect electrolytic balance.

2 The Economic Benefit

Contrary to formulas, breast milk is free. Perhaps some people never have to worry about money, but when you think about the kind of money, you would be saving with breastfeeding, you probably start thinking about those vacations you need or the new living room you have been dreaming on.

3 The Health Benefit

It is a proven fact that breastfeeding further lowers risk on breast cancer because of a lower exposure to hormones. This is a direct effect of the delay on the reestablishment of the ovary function, which reduces the levels of estrogen.

4 The Immunological Benefit

There is a wide range of scientific studies that show that exclusive breastfeeding reduces mortality produced by common childhood diseases like pneumonia and diarrhea, and helps to a quick recovery from these and other diseases. Though the breast milk, babies receive an important amount of immunological information form the mother, allowing their immune system to engage diseases with a strong “virus signature database”.

5 The Psychological benefit

Breastfeeding narrows the affective bond between mother and son. Early relations and affective bonds lay down the psychosocial development bases of children and act like organizational factors of their psych with a decisive influence in the personality development.

6 The Neurological Benefit

Breast milk promotes sensory and cognitive development. Some studies show that longer-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids present in breast milk, but not in most formula milk, may have some decisive role since they are vital to brain development. In English, breastfeeding will make your children smarter.

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