We’ve found several lessons that we already knew somehow, but thanks to the unfortunate context of our defeats, they became more relevant.

We’ve heard them a thousand times and maybe we do not pay attention to them even when we should. This time they made all the difference for me.

1) Sometimes trees do not let you see the forest

As it was such a disastrous defeat, we decided to take a step back to try to see the picture more clearly.

Believe it or not, the new perspective helped us realize that we were seeing the situation only from “our filter”. Suffice it to say that we are now more aware of the situation and we are better because of it.

2) Tomorrow will be another day

Time is the most persistent concept in the universe.

It never stops and it’s a double-edged sword. Good things never last, but neither do bad ones.

In that sense, time allows redemption, if you have the courage and humility to take advantage of the circumstance before the clock stops.

3) All things have a positive side

We really do not know if this is true, but the benefit of this lesson is in the belief: if you think it is real, then you will struggle to find the good side of life.

Losing forced us to release several things and once we did, we realized that the reason we were fighting was not as valuable as we thought it was. In fact, it was a relief to let go of that heavy burden.

4) You can not always win

Life is a brutal competition and a game of chance. Every transaction, every decision, every game, every defining event has winners and losers.

There are those who hate to lose, but as it is inevitable, it is best to learn to accept it when it happens and get the most out of it. In other words, fight to win, but do not get used to it.

5) Choose your battles

This was the lesson in which we failed.

One of the best things you can do to increase your chances of having a happy and successful life is to be very judicious about which battle you must fight.

Make sure they are worth it. For us, this battle was not worth the sacrifices we made, and we suspect that was one of the reasons we lost.

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