If used correctly, 10 minutes is more than enough to start improving yourself.

Yes, it is possible to do something to make your life better, happier and more productive in 10 minutes or less.

Do you want to know how? It will take you less than 10 minutes to read it.

1. Increase your concentration and productivity with the 50/10 rule

A simple way to improve yourself is to increase your productivity and make the most of your time.

How can you do that in 10 minutes?

First, you must completely focus on your work for 50 minutes: give it your full and undivided attention during all that time.

But here’s the key: when those 50 minutes are over, take a break of 10.

This is called the 50/10 rule, and it works wonders to increase productivity and concentration.

Fifty minutes is a manageable amount of time for uninterrupted work, and a 10-minute break is enough to recharge your engines and get ready to concentrate again.

2. Practice gratitude

Take 10 minutes to give yourself a mental boost by reminding yourself of everything you should be grateful for.

Practicing gratitude is not only good for your soul; It has been scientifically proven that it motivates and improves your physical and psychological health.

Start by taking a few minutes to write down three good things in your life and you will see how your mood rises and how your mind recovers.


3. Learn a new word

When we are in school we expose ourselves to a considerable vocabulary, but the speed at which we learn new words begins to decrease significantly.

As adults, if we do not make deliberate efforts to increase our language skills, our vocabularies essentially stagnate.

According to one study, learning new words stimulates the ventral striatum or reward system in the brain.

It can also be fun. T

ry to expand your vocabulary a little every day with one of these mobile applications.

4. Become a speed reader

We all know that reading is an important way to acquire knowledge.

And many of us spend a large part of our day reading, whether through reports, scanning slide shows or browsing emails.

Although we have to read a lot of material every day, most people only read at an average of 200-250 words per minute.

It’s about two minutes per page, so it takes more than three hours to read a 100-page book.

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