In the light of new forms of communication through social media, humans are losing the capacity to communicate personally.

An important percentage of today´s interactions uses social media protocols and predisposed formats.

This is causing a troubling effect on human interactions, causing more often people can´t communicate efficiently out of protocols or formats.

Here we present four attitudes you need to avoid to prevent miscommunication in your surroundings.


1 Prejudge

It is not polite o guess what other people are doing, thinking or saying.

It is important to be sure you understand other people are trying to tell us.

Don´t judge people in advance, as you would not like other people did to you.

2 Generalize

We are unique and one of the things that drive us to accomplish almost anything it is precisely the pursuit of that kind of recognition.

Generalization is a key ingredient to be on the wrong side of the track. For example; it is not true all men are petticoat chasers and all women are evil.

Generalize only raise a wall between you and the people you are trying to communicate.

Sometimes by doing this you only get to offend and hurt others, so think again when you talk to someone like this.

3 Shout

Wrongfully, people tend to think that the louder you scream, the more reason you have. Something very far from the truth.

As 1984´s Novel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu used to say “don´t raise your voice, improve your argument”.

Shouting is a defense mechanism normally used by cowards and insecure people to impose their reason (often wrong) through intimidation.

You can fight, argue or debate with a polite tone of voice making feel your opponents you feel respect for them.

4 Disrespect

Whenever you are trying to communicate to someone, no matter the level, it is important to respect your counterpart.

Don´t disrespect people with words or gestures, because doing so immediately closes every possibility of an effective communication with someone else.

Patronizing, misrepresenting and ignoring others are the most common ways to disrespect someone. However, the thing is, we tend to do it often, sometimes without even noticing it, I believe because of the fewer and indirect interaction between humans.

It is a fact, no matter how much positive impact you think social media is doing to human relations, the truth is, right now we are more afraid to talk to another human being if there is not a screen between us. Think about it.


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